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Ontario, Canada

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George was taught Jazz by CBC Orchestra Jazz Drummer from 12 to 15 years of age.

Began teaching drums at the Music Lesson Place in Oshawa mid to late 1970's

Is an Electronics Engineering Technician experienced with recording equipment.

V-Drum – Lessons / Instruction / V-Drum Programming
Music Lessons- Beginners, Intermediate, Advanced.
Technical Training- V-Drum Programming, Recording
Design- Band-Musician Web Site Design, Registering a domain name, etc.
Advertise yourself and/or band on my web site.
Managing- How to Managed and Market yourself and/or band.

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Lessons are taught on Acoustic, Hybrid, Roland V Drums:
½ hr- $20.00 *
1 hr- $38.00 *
1 ½ hr- $54.00 *
2 hr- $70.00 *
Blocks of 4-1hr or 8-1/2 hr- $120.00 *
*Plus HST


Students take lessons on Acoustic & Hybrid Percussion


Lesson location- Ontario, Canada


• Introduction to Percussion/Drumming

• Rudiments of Music (notes, dynamics, writing)

• Basic Technique (wrist exercises, snare technique)

• Exercises around the drums, setting up your kit, etc.

• Learning your favorite songs & patterns

• Putting it all together


• Exercises around the drums

• Learning your favorite songs & patterns

• Acoustic and Electronic Percussion development

• left/right hand independence

• single/double bass drum exercises

• Rock, Jazz, Blues patterns


• Rock, Jazz, Blues patterns

• left/right hand independence

• single/double bass drum exercises

• drum solos and breaks and work through the entire Carmine Appice Ultimate Realistic Rock Book

• reading and writing your percussion


• Programming the Roland V Drums

• creative development on acoustic and electronic percussion

• using the computer, midi, PA equipment, connecting your mics, using mixers, cables, cords, balanced vs unbalanced signals, etc.

• recording tips & tricks (creating MP3's, CD's, Labels, posting music on the web

• building your own web site

• managing and organizing a band

• how to get work and manage yourself and your band


Reference books used in lessons

• The beginner can purchase and read The Complete Idiot's Guide to Playing Drums 2nd Edition Michael Miller, Author


• Stick Control for the Snare Drummer- By George Lawrence Stone

• Syncopation for the Modern Drummer- By Ted Reed

• Advanced Techniques for the Modern Drummer (Jazz independence)- By Jim Chapin

• The Drummer's Cookbook- By John Pickering

• Percussion Series- By Paul Robson

• Around the Drums with Open Rolls- By Paul Capozzoli

• Around the Drums with Paradiddles- By Paul Capozzli

• Ultimate Realistic Rock- By Carmine Appice

Lessons are taught on the Roland V Drums & Tama Acoustic Drums

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