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George is well versed on acoustic and synthesized percussion.

Certified as an Electronic Engineering Technician and uses his technical expertise working with Synthesized and Digital V Drums since their introduction in the 1970's.

Not only a drummer and percussionist, he also doubles on vocals and harmonica.

He has a vast knowledge of modern digital drums and he adds multiple percussion with sounds that surround the room during live performances.

He has performed as a touring musician for a number of years with many local acts throughout North America.

Update - Click here- 2017-Jan-13 Rehearsing Double Bass Drum Pedal Patterns on the Acoustic Kit


Acoustic and Studio Electronic Percussion Kits

My Test Bench of Drum Pants 2.0

For a detailed description of "Drum Pants" go to


My Odell Borg - High Spirits Flutes (Native American style) that I added to my Blues Harp collection a few years ago while on a trip to Colorado Springs, 'Garden of the Gods Park' have influenced a change in my style. The High Spirits Flutes have a unique beautiful sound.

2016 - Update YouTube Electronica Music

GPrice Music - Stay Tuned* Original songs © Music (SOCAN)

Broken High Heal * Original songs © Music (SOCAN)

- George's Electronica Music

The "Electronica Music" is recorded on the Studio Electronic Kit

George's Electronica Music

Updated soon. GPrice

* Original songs © Great Northern Music (SOCAN)


The "Concert Kit" is used for live performances

My music can also be found at MySpace

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